Mobility Products and Canes

When you’re recovering from an injury or need some additional daily support, the home healthcare center at Hancock’s Pharmacy offers a variety of medical devices and equipment to assist you. Many of these are for temporary uses, such as various braces and crutches, while others are used to modify your home to your needs. No matter what you need, Hancock’s Pharmacy’s healthcare center keeps various types of equipment to meet your needs and offers private fitting rooms to help you find the best device. Click on the links below to learn more about our healthcare center services:


Our home healthcare center carries the following products

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds vary with a patient’s need. The most common is an electric hospital bed, which uses buttons to move the head, foot, and whole bed. Gatch hospital beds use a similar mechanism through a crank. Other types include low beds, which are designed to be no higher than two feet above the floor, and circo-electric, low airless, and clinitron beds, all of which are designed for patients with burns and skin grafts needing less pressure.

Crutches & Canes

Several types of crutches and canes are offered through our pharmacy. Underarm crutches, for example, are the most common for injuries in the United States, and we carry this type, along with forearm and platform crutches. For canes, we stock standard types, tripod, folding seat, aluminum, and quad options.

Overbed Tables

Any top that slides over a hospital bed is considered an overbed table. Tops for these come in wood and laminated, molded, or composite varieties, and the base is typically H, C, or U-shaped. What’s most important about overbed tables is their movement range, lifting and lowering mechanism, and ability to lock in place.

Bathroom Aids

For those having difficulty standing, gripping, or getting around, bathroom aids assist with getting in and out of a shower or bath better. These may include steps, grab rails, and poles for a tub or shower. Those needing to sit or stand can be assisted by bath lifts, seats, boards, or stools. Tap turners, additionally, can assist with turning water on or off.

Traction Equipment

Many problems can arise when a fracture or dislocation is healing, and traction equipment is designed to reduce most that might occur. Additionally, such equipment is designed to help exercise the area. Find the necessary traction equipment from our store, including cervical, lumbar, and traction therapy equipment.

Suction Pumps

These medical devices have several uses. If you’re looking for a suction pump to use at home, make sure the device is equipped with variable control vacuum regulation, thermal protected motor, and thermal lubrication.


One of these devices can be used as a toilet or positioned above an ordinary toilet seat. Used for those in wheelchairs or with weak legs, most commodes have removable pails, lids, and splash guards. Some models can also be used in the shower.

Exercise Equipment

From physical therapy uses to regular exercise, the selection of exercise equipment at Hancock’s Pharmacy serves many physical needs.


Several types of wheelchairs are available through our healthcare center. The basic types – manual, electric, and sports – can be found through our store. Find a model that’s lightweight, for indoor or outdoor use, and meets your weight capacity needs.

Whirlpool Baths

Used often for hydrotherapy, a whirlpool bath can be installed into a person’s home for regular use. Used for diabetes patients, those recovering from injuries, and those in post-surgery rehabilitation, whirlpool baths for hydrotherapy come in smaller sizes for feet and extremities and larger ones for the full body.


If you’re in need of a walker, Hancock’s Pharmacy carries both basic types, standard and four-wheeled. Both have four legs, and a front-wheeled model has two wheels added. Find the model that meets your height and weight requirements.

Incontinence Aids

We carry various supplies for incontinence, such as stress, reflex, urge, and overflow incontinence. This includes various types of adult diapers, protective underwear, incontinence briefs, disposable and reusable briefs, pant and pad systems, and wipes.

Catheterization Supplies

Catheterization supplies include of a catheter and a drainage bag. These may be needed for short or long-term bladder draining resulting from urinary incontinence, urinary retention, surgery, and conditions like multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. Catheters come in three different types – Foley, straight, and coude tip – for width. Generally, a doctor will recommend the smallest size, unless one larger is needed.

Wound Care Products

Different types of wounds need different types of care. Our healthcare center carries various types of dressings, closure devices, fillers, creams, gels, and skin care products designed to assist with wound healing and care.

Aids to Daily Living

Aids to daily living make doing basic or daily activities easier for many recovering from an injury or surgery. This may include cooking, reaching, eating, reading, crushing pills, or breathing. Many aids to daily living modify existing items to be more accessible or, such as with silverware and cooking utensils, are shaped differently to be gripped easier.

Support Hose

Support hose offers relief to aches, circulation problems, chronic venous insufficiency, and spider and varicose veins through gradual compression. These come in knee sock, thigh-high, and standard hose styles.


Here are some of the options and products we carry for orthopedic support


We offer a full line of supports and braces to take care of any of your needs from weekend gardener to full-time athlete. Our professional staff is ready to assist you with the selection of whatever your medical needs may require. From extra support to injury or surgery recovery, we have braces for the shoulder, back, wrist, knee, elbow, ankle, and neck in a variety of strengths.

Shoulder Braces

For assistance with strains, sprains, bursitis, and tendonitis, a shoulder brace should be able to fit around either a left or right shoulder and adjust with a Velcro closure. Many models are even designed with pockets for ice and hot and cold packs.

Back Braces

As back pain may occur in different spots, back braces target multiple areas. Those with upper back pain or posture problems often benefit from a posture corrective or enhancing brace, while those with lower back problems often benefit from a lumbar support brace or back belt.

Wrist Braces

Those recovering from a wrist injury, carpel tunnel syndrome, or tendonitis may need to use a wrist brace. Some braces fit around the wrist area, while others extend up the forearm for full support. Others, additionally, offer thumb splints. Neoprene and elastic materials are commonly offered for most wrist braces.

Knee Braces

Knees often need support after an injury or surgery, and this is where a knee brace is needed. Knee braces come in professional, arthritis, post-op, and sports support, with professional knee braces offering the maximum. Braces are typically made in hinged, elastic, or neoprene varieties.

Ankle Braces

Various types of ankle injuries can occur, and, as a result, several types of ankle braces are needed. Those needing some kind of ankle support for recovering from a sprain, broken bone, or surgery can choose from straps, elastic braces, foot drop braces, standard and hinged stirrups, walking boots, and night splints

Surgical Stockings

Also known as compression stockings, these support hose are designed to support venous and lymphatic systems in legs through graduated compression and to assist with circulation of lymph fluids. Surgical stockings are typically used for varicose veins, edema, and venous insufficiency.

Cervical Collars

When recovering from a neck injury or surgery, using a cervical collar keeps the neck, head, and spine aligned. Four types of collars may be used in such instances: gel-filled hot and cold packs, foam immobilization, hard plastic or metal support collars, and hard plastic immobilization collars. All fit tightly around the neck and attach by Velcro.

Private Fitting Rooms

Private fitting rooms for finding the medical device or brace that fits best and offers the most support.


Have you, or someone you know, just come home from the hospital and need help with the everyday tasks, from putting on clothes to bathing? We carry a wide variety of self-help aids and would be happy to go over our inventory of helpful items to make the routine day to day tasks easy again. Many of these daily living aids modify objects around your home to make a certain task easier, from eating or cooking dinner to taking a bath or reaching. Others are shaped so that grasping, gripping, or turning is easier.